Welcome to the Charleston Wesley Foundation! 

We are glad you decided to stop in, and if we have never seen you in person before check out the weekly meetings section below and let us meet you face to face!

Our Mission and Vision


We are committed to the careful nurturing of college students, both undergraduate and graduate, by building a community to increase the students’ knowledge and love of God while fostering a hunger for effective Christian action in the world.


We envision a place and time where each college student will grow in their love and service of God as they further their education. Upon graduation these young people will then rejoin the local church as productive, committed Christians.

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 There is an announcements tab on the right hand side bar. We will keep the calendar as updated as we possibly can, but for more information on the daily in's and out's look there.

Weekly Meetings

Fall 2014
College of Charleston
This fall we will have our normal weekly meetings on Wednesday night at 6pm at Bethel UMC's Chip Center. This year's study is yet to be decided, however, once I know it you all will know what we are up to. Our evening consist of food, bible study, prayer, and fun. If you want a small family atmosphere, Wesley is where to find it. 
If trying to find us on a Wednesday night, the chip center can be a little tricky to locate. Bethel UMC is on the corner of Pitt St. and Calhoun St., and if approaching from Calhoun St., the first building on your left is the Sanctuary. The next building you pass is the fellowship hall, then you will come upon a driveway, you turn into that driveway. On your left there appears to be just another Charleston house, however, it has a wooder ramp/ stairs. That is the Chip Center. I promise we are in there, and you are not entering a random person's home. See you there!
The Citadel!
This year we have been meeting on Monday nights at  6:30pm at Mark Clark Hall. On these nights, we eat and do a study. This year's study is also still being decided. This group is loud, boisterous, and always has insightful discussions. 
If trying to find us on a Monday night enter into Mark Clark hall from the far left side. In front of you should be a stairwell, head up to the second floor, and it is the first set of big oak doors on your left.  
We meet every non-convocation Wednesdays. Right now this group needs some fresh faces and fresh ideas. If interested please contact director@charlestonwesleyonline.org, you will be sent more information and where the group meets. 
Mornings at CofC
The time and place is still being decided for this group in the fall, most likely we will meet at Francis Marion Starbucks by around 9 or 10 a.m. one morning a week. Most morning meetings consist of the daily devotional and is really a prayer group. We share what is coming up in our week, and truly pray for one another through out the week. All students are encouraged to join, or even to just text in there pray request for that day. If you want more information, simply email alexis@charlestonwesleyonline.org. This is really a great way to start a morning once a week.