International Missions



Each year, we send a team of approximately 12 students to the beautiful country of Ecuador to conduct missions in the United Methodist Church of Ecuador. On these trips, our students are able to interact with church and local communities through construction projects, outreach opportunities, school programs, Vacation Bible School, and more. This May, our team will be traveling to the edges of the Amazon jungle to work with a local village and the Waorani tribe in an effort tot spread the mission and love of Christ.



This year was our first mission to Rwanda in partnership with the Anglican church in the capital city, Kigali. On this mission, our team of 6 students and 3 leaders were able to learn about different ministries: Sowers of Hope which works with agricultural sustainability; Love With Actions that works with mothers and children with disabilities; and a slum ministry to minister to women in especially impoverished situations. Additionally, our team was able to learn the culture of Rwanda, as well as witness the remarkable reconciliations that have occurred since the 1994 genocide.

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